1. Ryan Kolak is kind of a big deal. You see, behind his flowing locks and 6’2 frame is a really sweet, humble and mega smart guy. Ryan was the Team Lead for the Narwhal API which helped Obama get re-elected in 2012. Ryan worked day and night for over a year to work on this “super secret” project that the Democrats rolled out, with a bang.

    After the election Ryan promised himself a year off of travel, adventures and mentoring start-ups. Paying homage to his promise of travel, Ryan went to SF and that’s when he fell in love with SideCar and the social cohesion ridesharing can have on a community. "I meet the most inspiring and fun people while offering my empty seats with SideCar. It has really brought a special serendipity into my life," said Kolak.

    We are so excited to have Ryan in our #SideCarCHI community!

    What a rad duder!!!

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